My Tiny Little Garden in May


This month has been absolutely amazing in the garden. It is always great time of year as things grow very fast and you can see things change every day.


On King’s day I managed spotted two second hand wine racks, which I saw instantly as converting perfectly into a strawberry tower. I set to work with my note pad and I came up with a plan to make it happen. Now, this is not something I can write instructions on as I worked purely with what I had in terms of recyclable materials. But I tried a couple of things and eventually got to a design that looked good and houses more than 25 plants in less than 60cm2 (2 square feet)


I also looked on the internet and in my companion gardening books to see which plants would be good companions for strawberries. The conclusion was that cabbage, lettuce, and onion family are friends to the strawberry. This is very good as I had quite a few spring onions and bok choi that I was re-growing from scraps that needed a new home. Also, I have found that in my other towers, putting the chives and spring onions on the bottom layer stops the snails and slugs from crawling up.

In about 2 weeks our chance of frost has passed, so I am excited that the tomatoes will be able to go out. They are doing very well in the mini glasshouse and a few are growing a little too large for it. I was able to swap a few tomatoes with friends from work. This is a great idea as you know that not all of your tomatoes will be ready at the same time and you will have a much greater variety. I had 6 types of my own ones and have 4 more from friends. I was also lucky enough to get two tomatillo plants, which I have not yet been able to grow successfully before. In my case it was also great as the sweet pepper seeds that I had started did not germinate so I was happy to get a few from my friend.

I am certain that my friends also enjoyed being able to swap and enjoy creating a community together.

The local kids’ garden also sold a few plants from between 20c and 1 euro. This was where I purchased most of my strawberries. Markets such as these are a really good way to support local people sustain their hobbies and expand your own yield too.

Early in February I put a sweet potato in a jar of water. It has just started to sprout and produce slips. This is very exciting for me as I have only just discovered how to grow sweet potatoes in buckets. I actually found simple instructions on wikihow

In theory, you could get a whole bucket of sweet potato from just one small organic sweet potato.

I will be sure to keep you updated on this experiment


Lastly, here are just a few more pictures of my tiny little garden.