March in my tiny little garden


This month, the garden is has been budding and blooming. Everything is growing like crazy and we have already noticed the benefits of pruning the tree in October. I devoted most of a Saturday on clearing the sticks out of the garden. I had placed them on piles on the edges of the back of the garden so that the leaves could separate from the twigs. This allowed the leaves to decompose and remain in the garden turning it into wonderful clean compost and creating a safe place for bugs in the winter and providing food for the birds.


Inside, it has also been a very busy time, with the seeding of tomatoes and the first vegetable and flower seedlings. They are growing well and I will be putting them outside on sunny days soon so that I can harden them up a little. The daytime temperature is around 20C degrees (68F) but nights are still pretty cold 4C (39F) so at night I the tomatoes still stay indoors and soon they will go in the mini glasshouse. You can read more about growing tomatoes here


I have learned a little from last year, seeding a lot less than last year to avoid having several dozen tomatoes spare. I also looked at my notes that I took last summer to know which tomatoes were strongest and which ones snapped off in the wind. I would recommend that you do the same as this will help you find the right ones for your conditions. I noted down the amount they produced, whether they broke in the wind, and if they had any signs of disease.

The first of the many tulips planted in September are coming up and the plum tree is getting its first blossoms.

It also appears that all of the patio fruit trees have survived transplantation and the cold winter. I have to admit that I was not sure if they would make it as they were ordered though and The photos on the website looked impressive but when they arrived they were dormant and looked more like sticks. I have written a little more about keeping patio trees here.