My Tiny Little Garden in June


The tiny little garden website is a year old and has had almost 10,000 visitors from 182 locations across the globe. I had no idea that I would help inspire so many people to grow something. Thanks to the help of my wonderful partner tinylittlegarden.nl also has an Instagram account. Together with Facebook and Pinterest I am hoping to inspire many more people and make the world a greener place. Thank you so much for your support so far. I hope that I am able to continue to help with inspiration and advice.


We have had some incredibly warm days, this combined with several public holidays and an abundance of time to play in the tiny little garden, and the new hose has led to rapid growth and our first harvest.

The strawberries, chili peppers, and raspberries have started producing fruit. The beans and peas are producing flowers and pods and the Swiss chard and lettuce are already being used to prepare some of the freshest meals on the planet.


It is a wonderful time to be in the garden. The bumble bees and honey bees are busy collecting pollen and the garden is full of life.

For the back picnic area I set out creating a new planter from some pallets that we found at the trash. These large planters house two rhubarb plants each, which are still establishing themselves and will be ready for harvest next year. If you were to purchase these planters at the garden center they would set you back over one hundred euros so we are always on the lookout for pallets to utilize for planters.

So much has happened this month, I think it may be best to show you some pictures so that you can also enjoy the tiny little garden.