July in the Tiny Little Garden


I've been very busy this month, posting daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is all quite new to me, this tweeting business but I worked it out in the end. We also sent out our very first newsletter whuch was also an interesting challenge for me. If you would like to receive the newsletter you can click here.


The weather in July has been pretty changeable, with lots of rain as well as hot days. This isn’t the most convenient for knowing what to wear but the plants certainly love it.


At the moment we are enjoying harvesting our plums, gooseberries, chilies, and plenty of zucchinis. I really like it too that the grocery bill has already gone down a little and the flavor of the things I’ve grown is so incredible.

I have removed the peas and have planted some beans in their place. The beans are just starting flower and will produce very soon. My tomatoes are formed and are waiting to color.


It is an exciting time in the garden, and besides harvesting and watering, there isn’t that much hard work to do. So it’s a great time to relax, watch the bees, enjoy the sunshine and make loads of jam. You can see more on how to make jam and pickles on the links.