August in my tinylittlegarden


The bad weather, combined with an accident that lead to me being on crutches for a couple of weeks, caused a bit of a stop on the gardening. Luckily it could not have come at a better time as the plants are at a stage where they need little attention from me and just keep growing. The excessive rain was actually a blessing as it was difficult to get around watering my containers.


I have made a lot of mention of the advantages of container gardening which I felt strongly this month. One major advantage of container gardening is the ability to move them when you move. I did not have to move out of my home but in my previous posts I have mentioned that the neighbor is having a nightmare with his renovation. In order for the builders to assess how bad the construction is they needed to access through my tinylittlegarden. I had luckily anticipated this and was able to move everything the two times that they came around. It is also a relief that none of the plants are permanently in the ground as it is likely that the entire construction of the extension and balconies need to be pulled down due to the terrible construction. Having plants in containers is a real blessing in this situation because you can move them easily without damage or loss.

So much rain

The past month has been unusually wet and mild. Several times this month I’ve seen countless slugs and snails crawling in broad daylight due to the extremely wet terrace that allows them to move quickly and easily from place to place. I have collected them by hand and released them at the park. It does seem that the beans are not such a fan of this snail and slug activity as they are stripped bare, with barely a leaf or flower on them, only those grown very high have been able to produce beans. Vertical climbing doesn’t cause much of a deterent either as the sunflower that is more than 1.80m (6 feet) tall has also been eaten by them.


As a result of the lack of sunshine and warmth the tomatoes are slow to colour and the zucchinis are not grow as quickly as we had hoped, producing only a couple of zucchinis a week from 4 plants. The yellow tomatoes, tomberries, and cherry tomatoes have started producing but the larger tomatoes are still very green and there are not that many yet. This may mean that the nice weather will lead well into autumn though, we can always hope.


Not everything is at a loss though; the chilies and peppers that are housed in the little plastic glasshouse are producing very well, giving us enough chilies for the whole year. I place them whole in the freezer for use when required. One of the chilies was more than 30cm (1 foot) long. I have not tried it yet but I am hoping that it’s also hot.


The cucumbers are doing well; I have made several jars of pickles for later in the year from the small cucumbers that I’ve grown from the 2 plants I have. They produce about 7-10 small ones per week and they are so super tasty.


I had also bought some round cucumber seeds in the discount at the end of July for less than a euro. According to the packet you could no longer plant them this year and they were already past their expiry date. I planted just two seeds and both germinated. They both have flowers so I am looking forward to seeing what they produce.


The Rhubarb has established itself very well in the new containers, and the strawberries are still producing both berries and lots of runners for next year.


We also managed to already harvest 3 buckets of potatoes.


The autumn raspberries are flourishing, with big bountiful berries growing well. I am looking forward to the autumn raspberries too, I see jam in my future!