April in my tiny little garden

Spring has sprung and it is full of life in my tiny little garden.


There has been so much to do this month, mostly we focussed on making the back of the garden more pleasant to sit in when the weather gets hotter.


I spent a few days clearing sticks and twigs up last month, we created a terrace at the back of the gaden with potting soil and coconut mulch. Once this was completed we placed our new picnic table at the back.

When Everything was completed we were exhausted but happy. Our kind neighbour took a photo of how it now looks from the floor above us.

Now we can relax and enjoy the flowers.

Of course we can always keep seeding more plants. This month I have already planted the snap peas, Kapucijners (Dutch grey pea), broad beans, and many kinds of flowers.

The tomatoes have gone into the little mini glasshouse to harden them off a little and get them used to the colder temperatures.


The mini patio trees are starting to blossom, which is a delight in itself. The bees are loving it and the added color is a delight in the garden.