What's new in my tiny little garden in September?

September has marked the month that things are winding down. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my daily dose of fresh tomatoes, strawberries, and beans but it is already that time that the first spring bulbs can go into the dirt. Yes, some people are surprised that spring bulbs can go in the ground in fall/autumn. This is because spring bulbs need a long period of cool temperatures to spark the chemical reactions required for them to flower.


Living in the land of tulips it is easy to get a little over excited. This week alone I have bought and planted 125 tulip bulbs and about 40 other types of bulbs in my tiny little garden, mostly mixed bulbs of different colors.



At €8 for 50 they are a bargain, and I intend to add a few more. Although, I am afraid I may run out of space.

I am hoping that I can turn my tiny little garden into a little mini keukenhof – tulip field – paradise.

We will need to wait until April to see what will come of this planting frenzy.


Things to remember when planting bulbs:


Make sure you plant them at the right depth – the label will tell you but if you do not have a label, 3x the as deep as the bulb’s size is good. If you do not plant them deep enough they may rot, be eaten by mice, or damaged by frost.


If a sunny spot is required, remember that the trees may not have all their leaves yet in the spring, so you may have more sunny spots than you think.


The garden will be bare in early spring, so you have more space than you think


Don’t forget that you can put bulbs in pots or in the grass.


You can mix the colors or plant specific ones near each other in clumps.


Some gardeners will get new bulbs each year, but many bulbs will last a few years in a row & will multiply too.


A variety of flowers and colours will benefit the bee and butterfly population. Sometimes you can even find a variety of bulbs that will specifically benefit insects.