What's new in my tiny little garden in October


The start of October has crept up on me far too quickly.


Just a few weeks ago we had the tree surgeons come and prune the very large birch tree in the back yard which has resulted in a lot of extra light. This endeavor made my pocket a lot lighter too so in order to save some money I cleared out the branches myself. This also gave me an opportunity to keep some of the nutrients of the 30 years of growth in the garden. It took me two days of hard labor, cuts, and bruises but most of the large branches are now gone. I have saved a few logs to use in future construction projects around the garden.


Yesterday, we also pruned the Plum tree and I cleared out some room in order to make a spot for the glasshouse I wish to buy this winter.


In the spring we will hopefully be immersed by flowers, as I put another 350 bulbs in the garden over the weekend. I have promised my partner that I will not be buying any more, although I have to admit that living in The Netherlands this is very difficult. They are available at every store and local supermarkets have them at the register so that you can impulse buy them. I can however confirm that I am truly running out of space for them in my tiny little garden.