What's new in my tiny little garden

May 2016

The Weather


In May 2016 the weather has been quite unpredictable with a lot of rain, although at the start of May it was unusually hot.

This has caused a bit of a setback for my tomatoes and my pumpkins.

The beans and peas are loving the rain and the potatoes are growing like mad.


The tree

We had hoped to have someone come to prune the large tree but there were 4 birds nesting already so this was prohibited. The tree surgeon was able to cut the root of the ivy and the grape that had climbed in there and this resulted in large amounts of leaves covered in bird poo from falling down. The leaves will make a nice addition to my compost but the bird poo is a bit overwhelming. last winter we had hundreds of sparrows roosting in this tree which caused quite a lot of mess so I hope we can avoid this next winter.

One very positive outcome of the ivy dying is that there is a lot more light. YAY!