Our trip to the UK

Our trip to the UK


This weekend we had quick break from the tiny little garden and we went on a little adventure to Brighton and London in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Of course this involved visiting gardens, shopping for garden supplies, and trying to spot some bees.


The UK in the summer time is always bright with hanging baskets and window boxes, we spotted some wonderful flowers that attracted quite a lot of bumble bees at the Brighton Pavilion, and even spotted a couple of squirrels.

I managed to buy some more copper tape to deter the slugs from climbing into my pots, and some exciting seeds including purple beans and purple broccoli.


In London we had lunch at Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant. They gave us some complementary chili seeds, which I have seeded. I will make sure to write an update on their progress.



Here are a few more photos from the weekend away.

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