De Hippe Boon (The Fashionable Bean)


In late June I went to the PureMarkt to meet my friend from de Hippe Boon. There were so many beans to look at and I was curious if any of them might grow here in the Netherlands. She explained that several of them were grown in Mexico and wouldn’t do well in our climate. However there were also some amazing local beans that would be worth a try. Of course I would never be able to grow a year’s supply of beans myself as my tiny little garden wouldn’t sustain this many plants and the chances of cross pollination would be high but I could certainly grow a few and have some fun with new beans.

I was given a few beans to experiment with, which I planted in some pots in my tiny little garden the same day.

After just 7 days some of them already began to come up.


Why you should love beans if you love the environment


Beans are a really amazing source of protein and vitamins.

Beans are very cheap to eat and are a great way to have a healthy diet on a budget. Even Biological dried beans are very affordable.

Beans add nitrogen to your soil and are sustainable to grow

Beans use a lot less resources to produce than meat. Animals are often fed beans to boost their growth, which is incredibly inefficient, because isn’t it better to cut out the middle man? (Or the middle cow)

Beans produce a lot smaller carbon footprint than meat.

Beans are a great cruelty free alternative to meat

Beans have less calories so you can feel full and still lose weight

Beans are low in fat and high in fiber

Beans are super yummy.

There are lots of different types of beans.

You can prepare beans in a many different ways.

In many nations in Latin America beans and rice is a staple.


See more on this YouTube video about black beans v’s beef:


24 / 7 SERVICE

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