Growing Tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes from seeds or cuttings

The difference in flavour of a home grown tomato and one that is store bought one is incredible. If you like tomatoes this is also one of the most enjoyable crops to grow and the return is HUGE!

When do I start?

Start between March to May

You will need:

a container - a plastic tub or tray is good

seeds - just grow a few each one will grow big plant




What do I do?

Water the tomato tray every day, and keep them nice and warm around 21-27 degrees.

You will need to wait 5-10 days before anything happens


How do I transplant the tomatoes to a bigger pot?

Find a suitable sized pot for each of your tomatoes, a plastic cup is suitable. Make sure it has a drainage hole at the bottom.

Fill the cup up with dirt, right to the top if you can. With your finger make a hole in the middle.


When are they ready to transplant to a bigger pot?

Look for a 3rd leaf, if ths is there we can transplant.


How do I hold them?

You need to think about the tomato stem as it's spine and the leaf as it's limbs. If you break it's stem or spine it will not recover.

Therefore, hold it by the leaf (or leaves). If the leaf tears a little, then it will probably survive.

Seperate the tomatoes from each other, it is ok to pull the roots apart gently.

Holding the tomato by the leaves, lower it into the hole you made in the cup.


cover with soil and give them water

Keep them warm and watered for a few more days and in late April or early May you can bring them outside on sunny days. This will allow them to toughen up a little.

Make sure that they do not get too wet or exposed to frost

In mid May, after all the chance of frost is over they can be transplanted to their permanent spots.

After care

Tomatoes still require a lot of watering. They also need to have sticks or support and they will need to be tied with string so that they do not fall over. Below are some suggestions from a very old book I got from my dad.

I hope that you will have successes. Just remember that weather can really cause issues for your crops so if you do not succeed, you may want to try again next year.

Growing new Tomato plants from Laterals


What are Laterals?

Laterals are the side shoots or arm pits of the main tomato plants. Even if you are not intending to grow the laterals it is a good idea to pinch them off anyway as they only produce leaves and do not produce flowers or tomatoes and drain the energy away from tomato production.


How should I pinch them off?

You can pinch them with your fingers or a clean pair of scissors. See Below:



How can I grow a new tomato plant?

Choose a few laterals about 3-5cm long and place them into a small bowl of water. I use a small cup or egg cup and place it in the windowsill inside. Make sure that it has plenty of water so that roots can develop. This can take round 7-10 days. The tomato plants will be clones of the original plant so make sure that you pick the laterals from the tomato plants you want to grow the most.

You will see the roots emerge very quickly and once they are easily visible you can transplant them. This method also works with tomato tops that have snapped off in the wind.

Transplanting your laterals

After about 10 days you can place the new tomato plants in a pot or outside to grow. Remember to handle them by their leaves and not their stems.


Tada! You’ve got a new tomato plant in just 2 weeks – YAY!


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