Growing Potatoes

Become a patio potato farmer

In February to April you will find that your store bought organic potatoes start sprout


This is what gardeners call "Chitting"

You can cut the potato in pieces or use several small ones. You want between 5 and 7 sprouted potato slices.

Make sure that all the piece have dried for at least 2 days.



Get a bucket with a couple of drainage holes in the bottom (your local chip shop or Febo may let you have one for free) and place the potatos on the bottom.

Lightly cover them with soil and a bit of water.


Once the green sprouts come through the exisiting dirt, cover the leaves with more dirt. Continue this every week until the bucket is full of dirt and the potato greens are growing very high.



Now is the hard part. Wait, wait, wait. About 10 weeks until the potato plant shows it's first flowers.

If you still have potatoes in the kitchen you may want to wait until you need fresh ones, they are the best.



Tip the bucket upside down (I do this on a plastic rubbish bag) and pick out the potatoes.


you can grow several different ones dependent on the type that you plant. I like to get potatoes from the potato man at the Puremarkt and save a couple from each kilo I buy for my own crop.


Note: do not re-use the soil for potatoes or tomatoes. It is fine to use it for other crops but the these 2 plants are nightshades and they are both susceptible to blight


For more information about growing potatoes, you may wish to check out this site: igardenplanting