15 reasons to start a garden

15 reasons to start your own garden



1.Save money by growing your own vegetables


2.Vegetables that you grow are healthier as they are super fresh and have not lost their nutrients by lying in the shop or cooled storage for days, weeks, or months


3.Home grown vegetables also taste better than store bought ones


4.You get exercise when gardening and burn calories


5.A garden full of flowers and vegetables improves the view because it is beautiful


6.A garden builds community by swapping and sharing


7.Gardening is cheaper than therapy and is a great stress relief for our busy lives


8.Having your own garden will gives you appreciation for food and reduces food waste


9.Closing the supply chain to your garden puts less money into the pockets of large corporations


10.Growing your own food reduces the carbon footprint as there is no need for transportation, plastic wrapping, fertilizer, or pesticides. You can save up to 1/3 of your carbon footprint by eating what you grow


11.Eating something you have grown yourself gives you a great sense of achievement, happiness, and self-fulfillment.


12.Help save the bees, bugs, and butterflies. The Vlinderstichting (Dutch Butterfly association) has said that bees and butterflies in the city are doing better than those in heavily farmed areas due to a diversity in food source in gardens.


13.You are able to grow things that are not available in stores such as yellow raspberries and special potatoes and purple carrots.


14.Gardening is a defiant act – with seeds being patented and food being regulated by government and corporations you can make a stand by taking control of our food supply back.


15.You become more aware of seasonal food cycles and the climate. This will help you be more aware of eating seasonal vegetables and further reducing your carbon footprint.


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