When is the best time to harvest

When should I start harvesting my crops?


This week I friend asked me when she should start harvesting zucchini. It can often be tricky to know exactly when it is a good time to harvest things in order to ensure the perfect harvest time. Here are a couple of tips for picking.


Pick these as often as you can


For these plants it is best to pick them as often as you can to keep them producing more crops. Generally they put their energy into one so if you pick often they will produce more and more.







Pick when needed

These will keep growing as you pick them, provided that you do not cut them too short or damage the stems. Use scissors to harvest so that you get a sharp clean cut.

Lettuce and rocket

Swiss chard (Silverbeet)

Herbs like mint, chives, oregano, and sage


Pick when ripe

These produce the best flavor if you keep them on the plant as long as possible


Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries,

Tomatoes (if it is very damp and warm you can pick them green and colour them inside)

Chilies (use scissors and gloves – you do not want to get chili on your hands and rub it in your eyes!)



Pick when fully formed

Cabbages and other brassicas like cauliflower and broccoli

Leeks (slice them at the bottom and they are likely to grow back)

Carrots (if you plant them 2 weeks apart you will have carrots for a large part of the year)

Potatoes (these you can harvest any time after they flower and the leaves start to fall down.. the longer you wait, the bigger your potatoes)



I wish you all happy harvesting.