Using Vertical Space

Using vertical space for maximum yield in a tiny little garden

In 2011 I started a garden with 6 square foot garden. To go up to avoid the slugs and snails I had to use harmful and deadly slug bait.

Also the neighbourhood cats (including my own) were digging up my food

So I decided on a new approach, growing things where the slugs and cats couldn't reach them.

However, I soon found that it also created a lot of growing extra space

Soon I was growing higher and higher

This was a baby bed frame and a ladder. The disadvantage of the baby bed frame was that it was a little too high and I was unable to water my strawberries enough.

On trash day we found these old projector towers and a couple of pellets. You could just about use anything.


Below I used an old deck chair to build a tomato tower.


The white tower come from Ikea and the coloured ones from the web