Natural weed killers

Natural weed killers


One of the most frustrating things to deal with at the beginning of the season are the weeds. If you are just starting a garden in an overgrown patch it could be tempting to resort to harsh chemicals or simply endure hours of hard labor. My advice, head down to the supermarket and stock up on some basic household items


You have the following options:

1.Pull them out by hand, with a knife, a trowel, or a screwdriver

2.Pour boiling water on them. This is very good if you have a weeds growing in between your tiles or in isolated small areas.

3.Smother them with newspaper or old carpet. Good for the short term but can be a little unsightly in the long term.

4.Use salt - this will help in the winter to avoid slipping and is also great to keep weeds down. It can erode concrete and damage your soil if you overdo it. So avoid doing this if you are ready for planting

5.Use baking soda on the patio – it will work similar to the salt option above

6.Pour lemon juice on them

7.Pour vinegar on them (pickle water works too) this is very good for weeds with long roots. Again, be careful to avoid doing this near the plants you want to grow. It is best to do this on a spell of sunny days so that the week soaks up as much of the vinegar as possible. It also helps with mold or moss on tiles

8.Eat them – dandelions can be eaten. Do your research though as many plants can be poisonous when eaten by humans.

9.Learn to love them. Bees thrive on the first weeds as they are sometimes the only thing growing early in the season.

10.Corn flour (corn meal) is good to avoid seed germination and snails and slugs hate it. It best applied on dry days. It has no effect on plants that have already germinated, only on seeds.

11.Mulch around your plant – it will keep in moisture and stops weeds from growing

12. Gin, bourbon, and or vodka - just like people consuming large quantities of hard liquor it will leave your weeds dehydrated.


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