All about Hydrangeas


All about Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are pretty; they need very little attention, and grow very well in pots.


Hydrangea colours


Another fascinating thing about them is that you can also change their colour by changing the levels of aluminium and the PH levels. It is easier to change the colour from blue to pink.


Blue means that your soil is acidic and pink indicates it is alkaline. In pots of course, you can determine what kind of soil you buy and are not governed by the type of soil that you have in your garden.


White ones will not change colour, no matter how hard you try they will not go blue or pink.


How to propagate hydrangea cuttings


Making cuttings are a cheap way to make a cheerful colourful garden. Here is how you can take your own cuttings.


  • Select a healthy growing tip with no flower head or flower bud.
  • Using sharp, clean, secateurs cut the shoot from the parent plant just above the fourth pair of leaves.
  • Have some small pots ready, filled with moist soil mix.
  • Remove all the leaves except for the two at the top. Then cut these top leaves in half crosswise.


  • Dip the base of the cutting into some cinnamon (as this is an anti-fungal)
  • Insert the cutting into the soil to just above the nodes & pressing the soil around the base with your fingers
  • Water the cuttings in well but gently.
  • Keep moist and roots will form in around four weeks


TaDa! You have new plants just like that!

It’s a great way to make gifts or new plants for the garden.

If you are looking to have about 5 plants, take about 7-8 cuttings, just in case the weather or bugs get to them.