Conservation of water

Conserving water


Why Should I conserve water in my tiny little garden?


You may think that there is no need to conserve water in The Netherlands, after all we have more than we can handle, living below sea level and building dykes to keep it out. However, 1 in 10 people on our planet does not have access to clean water.


Having lived in New Zealand on a farm that was heavily reliant on rain catchment and streams I know how terrible it is when you run out of water. Standing under the shower with soap in your hair while no water comes out of the shower is not very fun.

Making clean water also costs money and resources, plants do not need to have clean water to thrive. In fact they like rain water or “grey” water.


Our house is so old that the pipes of all of the neighbors are still stuck together. This means that the council cannot measure the water we use but estimates it. We do still make a conscious effort not to waste water.


What can you do to save water in the garden?


1.Catch “grey” water from rinsing dishes or cooking to water the plants. You will find that if you boil an egg or vegetables the water is often full of minerals and vitamins. Your plants will like this. Using grey water also saves money on your water bill in the event that you need to pay per liter.


2.Use a bucket and watering can to water your plants. A well installed drip irrigation system is also good. Do not use a hose which uses large amounts of water.


3.Where possible, catch rain water. If you do not have a roof (like me) then you can just place the a few buckets outside when it rains.


Lastly, it would be irresponsible of me to finish this part of my site without mentioning that the lifestyle change that saves the most water and ultimately the planet is to eat less meat and dairy. I know you are probably thinking I am preaching my vegetarian beliefs at you but 70% of water is used in agriculture, a lot of which goes to raising corn and soy for feeding to animals so that people can eat them. I borrowed the poster below from to show you.